I provide SEO Audits on a case-by-case basis.

If I think we’re a good fit you will find that my audit service is completely bespoke and tailored to your needs.

That being said, the audit you want for your site will fit into one or more categories of audit types.

General – These audits are best for sites that haven’t been audited before, or sites with known basic issues.
Technical – These audits are focused solely on discovering technical issues with a site. Index issues, crawl rate optimization, cannibalization and more.
Macro – The focus of a macro audit is to both discover technical issues, as well as issues with the structure of your site or ‘the way your site works’.
Micro – This type of audit is best for when you want to focus specifically on certain pages, involving optimizing a certain page as much as possible. This includes my detailed Text Analysis that involves modifying your content and takes several hours to analyze your pages and competitors pages.

My approach might be different, but that’s a good thing, it actually gets results

All of these audits are distinct, and I believe that you will have more success focusing on auditing with intent rather than relying on tools or other services that only provide a very generalized audit.

In most cases I recommend clients go with Macro or Micro audits. Macro gives you the best of a General Audit & Technical Audit. While Micro Audits often involve 100x more detailed analysis on a single page than you will ever get with a tool or service focused on generalized audits.

If you want to work with me and have me do an audit for your site/s, all I require is an open mind. I’ve spent thousands of hours working on websites, thousands of hours testing and close to a thousand hours doing audits.

A lot of what I recommend will be ‘against the grain’, back in the olden days most people thought the Earth was flat (some still do) but it doesn’t mean the guys saying it round were wrong.

What I do provide you is a PDF file of all suggestions, along with specific instructions on how to achieve these changes. What I don’t provide is a scorecard of all the things you did right. If it’s not in the PDF it’s because it wasn’t worth mentioning.

I track every audit clients site for numerous keywords for one month after all changes have been implemented by your team. This allows me to stay in constant contact with you and recommend other changes to implement if something needs more optimizing, or needs to be changed back.

Please note that I can’t account for random ranking factors, link building, strengthening of competitors etc. However, my tracking and personal testing allow me to know with as much certainty as possible when something is or isn’t working for your site/s.


General, Macro & Technical –
I price per total indexed pages of the site.

Under 200 Pages = $399
201-500 Pages = $699
501-1,000 Pages = $1,000
Over 1,000 Pages = Custom Quote

Micro –
I price per page, and only offer the service for a minimum of 5 pages.

Micro = $50 per page.

Fixed Term –

Some clients want a fixed term for on-page optimization. In these cases I can work with your developers or on your site itself if the edits are minor.

I currently work on 10 day and 30 day durations.

Pricing for this service is all custom quote.

Monitoring –
I can provide your website with 24/7 monitoring to catch errors before they cost you big.

Pricing for this service is all custom quote.


Why doesn’t your site have SSL?

I’m not trying to rank my personal blog so my time is better served elsewhere.

What Is The TAT (Turnaround Time)?

This varies from project to project, some micro audits may only take a day. Others can take several weeks if you want multiple pages.

Bigger sites may take longer for different kinds of audits such as, general audits, macro audits and so on. In general, for sites under 500 pages, this will only take 5 working days at most.

Do You Make Changes Yourself?

No. It’s not worth the risk to your site if I accidentally break something. I always recommend my clients backup their sites prior to making any changes themselves or with developers regardless.

Can You Share Any Previous Results?

You can see one of my case-studies here.

How To Contact

The best way to get in touch is via Skype – iamdacu as that will provide you with the fastest response time.


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