High Quality, Manually-Driven Audits

My audit process focuses on intensity over extensity.

Developing my processes and methods over several years and thousands of hours of testing has allowed me to offer a unique, high-quality service that provides you with one of the types of audits I use.

I call this a Macro Audit.

The Macro Audit focuses on Types of Pages and The Way Your Site Works.


Types of Pages –  Every website has a number of templates for different pages. Category Pages, Post Pages, Info Pages and many sub-types of each.

The Way Your Site Works – The structure of your site, the technical setup, the elements used on your site and more.

My audit service is based on a number of principles, one being that manual analysis is vitally important. All of my audits use tools to supplement the manual analysis, not the other way around.

Common Issues

There are many common issues that I come across during my Macro Audits.

  • Cannibalization
  • Redirect Chains
  • Unoptimized Index
  • Crawlability Issues
  • Link Flow Issues
  • and more

Whatever issues are affecting your site, I will find them and more important than that, I often find more pervasive issues than you will with tools alone.

People I have worked with

There is a growing list of influencers, brands, and companies who have benefited from my Macro Audits.

  • AuthorityHacker
  • Charles Floate
  • TheBrokeBackpacker

And some results…


General, Macro & Technical –
I price per total indexed pages of the site.

Under 200 Pages = $399
201-500 Pages = $699
501-1,000 Pages = $999
Over 1,000 Pages = Custom Quote


Why doesn’t your site have SSL?

I’m not trying to rank my personal blog so my time is better served elsewhere.

What Is The TAT (Turnaround Time)?

My typical Turnaround Time is 5 working days.

Do You Make Changes Yourself?

No. It’s not worth the risk to your site if I accidentally break something. I always recommend my clients backup their sites prior to making any changes themselves or with developers regardless.

Can You Share Any Previous Results?

You can see one of my case-studies here.

Work with me

I provide audits on a case-by-case basis. This means that if I don’t think you need my services, or that we aren’t a good fit then I will politely decline the offer to audit your site.

If we end up working together what I do provide you is a PDF file of all suggestions, along with specific instructions on how to achieve these changes.

What I don’t provide is a scorecard of all the things you did right. If it’s not in the PDF it’s because it wasn’t worth mentioning.

Please note that I can’t account for random ranking factors, link building, strengthening of competitors etc. As with all SEO you need to consistently optimize even after improving your site with a Macro Audit.

I invite all inquiries and typically get back to you within 24 hours.

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