Not many of my followers know that I’m British, but it’s true. I am inescapably British for better or worse… I moan about the Weather and drink more Tea than is healthy.

Unfortunately there’s a lot of things about being British that really suck. Whether it’s Brexit, or the fact we’ve had Conservative Government’s rule us for two-thirds of the last 50 years. There’s always something awful going on here and it’s usually political.

This year U.N Envoy Philip Alston was dispatched to the United Kingdom to investigate the rapid rise of poverty.

In his report, he spoke of many things but was particularly outspoken about “punitive austerity measures“.

The fact is we could be forgiven for believing that politicians are humans too, and they can make mistakes, which while true is no excuse.

Eton and Oxford educated Men such as David Cameron ruled in flagrant opposition to History.

The Great Depression of 1929-1939 is remembered mostly in reference to America. However the fact is that there were casualties globally.

An already struggling Germany (due to WW1 reparations) were among the worst effected in Europe.

Yet it was the U.S.A and Nazi Germany that managed to end the depression in their Countries in under 10 years.


Government Spending.

The exact opposite of what David Cameron and George Osborne did in the United Kingdom.

Of course there’s a lot of reasons for this, and when it comes down to it we all have to ask ourselves the hard questions.

Are our politicians truly so inept and ignorant that they can’t fix the system?

Or is it a far more likely scenario that to them the system isn’t broken at all?

Whatever the case is, their approach hasn’t worked as History suggested it wouldn’t.

Yet their “experiment” hasn’t ended with the new Conservative Government who are themselves either incapable, or unwilling to make the changes necessary.

Depression or recession? It doesn’t matter. Our recession has lasted longer than The Great Depression of 1929. It’s about time we look to History to give us the answer for how to fix things.

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