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ChatGPT Detection Vs. Google Rankings

Like many people, perhaps including you, I’ve been exploring the possibilities around OpenAI’s ChatGPT tool. I’ve already used it for many of the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) use cases discussed … Read more

Year In Review

Year In Review: 2022

Another year has almost gone. There might be four seasons, four quarters every year. It feels like there have been several more than that. It’s been one of those years. … Read more

How To Update Blog Content

In this article, we’ll talk about updating blog content and how you should do it. We’ll also explore several scenarios that cover the why, when, and what. TL;DR – You … Read more

Insights: Featured Image Dimensions

Does the size of the featured image or its “dimensions” affect Google’s organic search rankings? That’s something that I decided to put to the test. This is where I should … Read more

Insights: Table of Contents

There are many opinions within the SEO community. In many cases, some people believe that a particular approach helps or doesn’t help with gaining better rankings or more organic traffic … Read more

WordPress Robots.txt Boilerplate

WordPress Robots.txt Boilerplate

If you use WordPress, you should use a more extensive robots.txt file to optimize your website’s crawlability for SEO. This boilerplate helps with crawl rate optimization by better utilizing the … Read more

Thoughts On Honesty

My Thoughts On: Honesty

Honestly, I’m not the most honest person. It’s true… We all have things that we would rather keep to ourselves. I’m no different. We all keep some things hidden for … Read more