Posted on: January 11, 2022 | Back to the homepage

A post about my books

I’ve recently finished updating a book I wrote in 2019 called On-Page Quick Wins. This is the second edition and is available for free to all who bought the first edition. It has been updated to include almost a dozen new tips and I’ve also removed some that are no longer as relevant in 2022. You can download the book via Gumroad or check out all the testimonials on my books page before you decide.

I’m also writing a new book that I want to release in March 2022 called Content Quick Wins. I know, original. It’s coming together really well and I’m sure that people who enjoyed the first will love the second.

I’ll leave this page as an open entry that I’ll come back to in the future. I’m sure I’ll dig into why it is that I’m so fascinated with books as a teaching medium for other online marketers like me.