I am a multi-disciplinary web expert who is focused on improving the web.

I believe that the web can be both commercial and personal, it does not have to be one or the other. In the last decade the web has shifted too far toward a commercial focus and this has damaged the web that we had all grown to love. Improving the web means creating meaningful discussion to ensure that the important bits aren’t forgotten while in pursuit of profit. Words are not always enough though. Moving the web forward also means working on it with intent, and of course, consideration about the choices we make.

As a professional I have won awards for web design, and have been featured on publications across the web for my work in both web design and marketing.

I consider myself to be a developer first and I still build most of the websites for my business, rejecting the idea that business owners are above certain tasks or should just focus on specific tasks.

I work primarily in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Go, and Bash. I am an avid Linux Ubuntu user, but I currently run WSL2 in Windows 10 for most of my Linux work.

I also write down my thoughts and musings on my blog, but you know that!