Daniel Cuttridge Portrait Photo

Hi, welcome to my about page.

This page is more detailed than some of my others, so you might want to see what I’m doing now instead.

I’m a publisher with an extensive background in web design and development. Building for the web since 2004, I’ve worked on hundreds of websites, won design awards, and still do web development with Python using Flask.

I’ve now worked in the SEO industry for over ten years, primarily as a Technical SEO. Among other things, I’m known for writing an ebook called On-Page Quick Wins. I recommend checking it out, as it’s kept updated and receives favorable reviews!

You might have found out about me from reading one of my articles or seeing me featured on blogs like Drift, The Startup, AuthorityHacker, Convertica, SEO Notebook, and more. I’m also known for building a free tool called MissingTopics that I plan on bringing back soon!

These days, I’m predominantly focused on creating a media company in the food industry. In addition to that, I run a paid group where I share and teach everything I’ve learned over the years called Optimizers Club. If joining isn’t for you, then you could always catch up with me on my free Facebook group, On-Page Academy.

When I’m not working, I’m cooking, walking, gymmin’, skateboarding, or finding some other way to force myself to relax 🤔️

I’m a huge advocate for the world wide web and maintaining a healthy information ecosystem on the internet. I write about basically whatever I want on here, but you might see some more on that in the future.

I wrote an article on why I still write a blog and why it matters, and I recommend reading that if you’re wondering why I’m even blogging at all these days.

If you need to get in touch, you can use my contact page.