Hello, my name is Daniel, I like to create things online 😎

I'm an award-winning web designer and well known SEO expert.

I built my first website in 2004, and have been working online since 2010 as a Front-end Developer, Python Developer, SEO & Product Marketer.

I've been featured on Drift, The Startup, SEO Notebook, and Quuu, among other sites, newsletters and podcasts.

I am a strong advocate for a simpler web that focuses on improving people's lives.

Today, I am focused on helping people build websites that work.

  • I founded Pathtorch.com - my company that helps people and businesses find their way online.
  • I run a private membership group called Optimizers Club for people who do the 'O' in SEO.
  • I also run On-Page Academy - a Facebook Group for SEOs with over 4,000 members.

The mission is simple: help as many people as possible 👊👊👊

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Thanks for reading,
Daniel 👍