Daniel Cuttridge

Any SEO audit you purchase from me will be carried out by me personally with care and dedication. I pay special attention to the manual phase of auditing your site, this is often what provides the results. I will then use various tools to uncover any technical issues or errors.

I often find issues that others simply do not find. I have audited sites for:
  • Fortune 500 Companies.
  • Industry Leaders such as AuthorityHacker, Charles Floate and more.
  • Disgruntled customers of competing services that charge insane amounts for πŸ’©
What I don't provide:
  • Gold stars for what you've done well.
  • Generic advice or shitty tool based suggestions.
  • A comprehensive report of every page on your site
  • I require upfront payment for all audits due to the nature of the report I send you.
  • I require access to Google Search Console in order to carry out your audit.
  • Tell me as much as possible about your site.
  • Please note that I can't account for random ranking factors, link building, strengthening of competitors etc.

I price per total pages on the site.

  • Under 100 Pages = $399.99
  • 101-500 Pages = $899.99
  • 501-1,000 Pages = $1,399.99
  • Over 1,000 Pages = Custom Quote
What Is The TAT (Turnaround Time)?

In general I will only take 5 working days at most for most sites under 1,000 pages.

Do You Make Changes Yourself?

No. It’s not worth the risk to your site if I accidentally break something. I always recommend my clients backup their sites prior to making any changes themselves or with developers regardless.

Sound a good fit? Let me know and we can discuss your project further πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€ Want to discuss something more custom? Let me know.

Contact me: daniel@twoyoumedia.com