Some things were better experiences before digital convenience.

It was only very recently that I decided to listen to an album again. It was amazing in comparison to listening to random songs on shuffle or working through a playlist.

Our new digital age of ultra-convenience has changed how we experience everything from shopping to music.

My album discovery got me thinking about all the other things that we do differently now because of the convenience of modern websites and applications. It had me thinking about the bizarre, serendipitous joy of finding a movie on regular television that had already been on for 45 minutes, and it would still catch your attention enough for you to want to watch the rest.

Doing some of the things the way I used to over the last couple of weeks, I have come to see that some of those things were undoubtedly better experiences before the new ultra-convenient approaches we take today.

Give it a go and make a few changes. It might surprise you.