My Thoughts On: Honesty

Honestly, I’m not the most honest person.

It’s true…

We all have things that we would rather keep to ourselves.

I’m no different.

We all keep some things hidden for different reasons. In some cases, it is to protect others, but more often ourselves.

Honestly, I’m more than happy to tell people things that some wouldn’t dream of doing. Some people laugh at how shameless I can be, others commend me for my honesty, while others think I’m oversharing. Obviously, some people simply don’t like that about me.

I’m not so good at being honest with myself. I know this because the truth often comes about later, as more of a painful realization, when something bad happens that forces me to be truly honest.

In my opinion, one of the most important things is to be as honest as possible in life.

We’ve got to work at it. For ourselves and those around us too.

It’s important in decision-making.

It’s important in relationships.

You can’t make good decisions in life without being as honest as you can be. Others can’t make good decisions about you if you’re not honest with them either.

The real connection that so many of us desperately want in this life comes from letting down those walls and being honest with those around us. It comes from allowing ourselves to be vulnerable, and when people accept us, that’s when we feel less alone.

Truth be told, it’s the most important thing.

I don’t think people can be happy if they’re not being honest.

All of my regrets seem to come back to being dishonest with myself or with others.

Life gets better when we start to be real.