The Frequent Paradox of “Successful” Software

As a web developer and sometimes software developer, I can’t escape a glaringly obvious problem.

The problem is that commercial software needs to pander to what users want at some level to be desirable.

But that’s good, right?

True. Solving problems is what software is all about.

However, it isn’t always that simple. What about when the users think the solution to the problem is something other than what it is?

Does the company that provides the correct solution become the dominant software in the market? Sometimes.

People can believe they have a good result with software due to misattribution of what caused the outcome. In other words, correlation vs. causation.

I have personally seen this misattribution with both nutrition and marketing software. Unfortunately, the companies that succeeded provided a solution to the demand, not the problem.

I call this the sometimes paradox of commercially successful software. It is worth thinking about it.