Thoughts On Honesty

My Thoughts On: Honesty

Honestly, I’m not the most honest person. It’s true… We all have things that we would rather keep to ourselves. I’m no different. We all keep some things hidden for different reasons. In some cases, …

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Bottles - A Short Story

Bottles – Short Story

Today’s the day I change. I can’t do this anymore. The man looked down at the empty bottles, the overflowing ash trays filled with old smoked to the bone cigarettes. His eyes drifted to the …

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Year In Review 2021

Year In Review: 2021

The last couple of months has flown by. Now, deflated and tired, I’m coming up for air. I’ve neglected this blog. Hello world! I can’t believe we’re so close to Christmas, again. Last year’s turkey …

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Difference Between Proximate and Root Cause

Proximate Vs. Root Causes

Identifying the differences between proximate and root causes is pivotal to decision-making success. Identifying the root cause or the true course of events is often the difference between successful and non-successful outcomes. Example – Proximate …

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