My blog changes explained

If you have been here before you may notice a few differences.

A slight design change, and of course… What happened to all the marketing content?

Honestly, I just don’t have the interest in writing marketing content on my personal blog anymore. I considered leaving the existing pieces of content on the site, but I just wanted a clean break…

Marketing was very important to me for a long time, and it is still an unavoidable and important part of running my online businesses. That being said? There are new mountains to climb.

I have kept a few of the old pieces of content on the site like this one and this one, because I believe that not enough people are talking about these things.

So where does the blog go from here?

The new focus is simple, I’ll be sharing more of my unfiltered views & thoughts on topics that I am passionate about. I hope this means I will be motivated to publish more often again. Hopefully you’ll decide to stick around and read some of it :)