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Besides my blog here, for the last few years I've been working on a lot of things. Turning 30 this year had a big impact on me and made me decide to cut back on what I'm doing.

I have decided to stop building new informational websites, and have had to stop participating in several SEO communities to focus more time on my own ones. I have also stopped blogging about SEO as much in favour of creating video and audio content. I'm also in the process of moving from my hometown to a city. I've decided to rent instead of getting a mortgage, as I'm unsure of whether I wish to remain in the UK. The current policies and deteriorating public services have made me feel unsafe in my own country *sad face*

Public Projects

Optimizers Club is one of my main focuses, my private community where I teach other SEOs.

I host a podcast called The On-Page Podcast.

I run a Technical Website Audit service and have done since 2018.

Today, I run all of these public projects under a single parent company - Pathtorch.

Private Projects

I run several informational websites in the extreme sports sector.

My goal is hatching a brand that will eventually produce & sell our own products.

Development Projects

When I'm not doing any of the above I spend my time creating scripts to help automate my workflows using Python.

I also regularly build websites for fun using my preferred setup of Ubuntu, VSCode + Hugo SSG. Including my personal site here!