The original creator economy vs the new

My idea of the creator economy is different from yours.

What I see a lot of people meaning by the creator economy is decentralized products.

This they say - is the way to save the web.

But I see this as a reaction to a problem or a response to a need. We could say that it’s survival mode thinking.

Taking things off of the web is not the way to save the web.

Making information available to purchase as a product is not how an information ecosystem like the web will survive. It might take the internet in a new direction, but it’ll be bad for the web.

I don’t dislike this definition or idea of the creator economy at all and I do understand the need for it.

To me, the creator economy is one where people create things, put them online for everyone, and get paid relative to the amount of value they provide.

This was the original creator economy and the original unwritten contract that creators had with the web.

The problem is that there are a few big companies that have made this almost impossible. They’re taking too much from creators and it is forcing people to look for new ways to survive.

I understand that.

But I still think that instead of giving up on the web by defining a new creator economy - maybe we should fix the old one.

The old one that set out to provide information for everyone.