Project Urchin - Update #2

Author: Daniel Cuttridge

In last months update I set an easy goal for December. The goal was to publish 10 posts. That was easy enough - as intended. Go figure, I take some time off in December.

So while there might not be much to report this month in terms of what I've done to the site, there are some developments.

Project vitals

  • Posts published - 10
  • New post total - 82
  • Impression change - +68.92%
  • Traffic change - +95.95%
  • Revenue change - N/A

Anything else?

I did end up doing one thing that I hadn't planned to in the last update. This was creating a blog on the website, which I did so I could add a festive-themed article. On many of my projects in recent years, I like to keep the blog and the actual articles apart from one another. I do this to keep relevance themed between categories, where the blog is just another category. If it doesn't fit in an existing hub then it goes on the blog. This will become an important area of the site in future for driving traffic from social platforms. As of right this second there are no immediate plans for heavily utilising the blog.

According to all my monitoring tools the site/domain is still waiting for its first link. Search console still hasn't picked up the Pinterest posts from last month either. I still have no plans for active link building on the site for the coming few months. As I have said in previous posts, the goal is really to build the site into an incredible resource and then get it noticed on social platforms. If this turns out to be the wrong approach, we'll find out together. Should that be case then I will give things a bit more of a push (instead of a nudge) by doing some outreach. I won't address the link building elephant again, at least until there's something to report.

Impressions Performance

November 11th - December 9th: 959 Impressions

December 10th - January 9th: 1620 Impressions

An upwards movement of 68%.

Month 2 - Project Urchin - Impressions Total - 3 Months
Things are looking positive going into January.

There has been a recent uptick in impressions. This could be more to do with a sudden increase in search queries... It is worth keeping in mind that this is in the medical nutrition area; we are in January, so there is going to be a surge in any kind of diet related searches. So I won't get carried away.

Month 2 - Project Urchin - Rankings
However. Average ranking positions are up overall.

Whatever the reason. I'll take the recent uptick.

Organic Traffic Performance

November 11th - December 9th: 99 Organic Unique Visitors

December 10th - January 9th: 194 Organic Unique Visitors

So close to 100% growth in a month, but we're not quite there yet.


We're still not at the point where placing ads on the site would be worthwhile. So I'm still holding off.

Goals January - February

This month I want to get more articles published than last month. I also want to start formatting the existing articles to include some images (there are none at present).

- Publish 20 posts.

- Add images to as many articles as possible

Final Word

I am pleased with the signs of progress the site is showing. At only 3 months old with no links we're doing well. That being said we still have a long way to go before we hit the initial goals set out in the project's first post. There will soon come a time where I have to step things up a gear, and right now I am coasting on the easy growth all new sites should experience at such a tentative stage.

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