Some shit that I like

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I love the word shit. Throw it in anywhere and it makes shit better. I remember telling my first girlfriend that I wanted to treat her like shit. It didn’t go down well. What I meant was spoil her. All that shit aside? I still like the word shit. So here’s some random shit I like.


I’m including authors instead of books in this list.

tv shows

I watch too much TV. It is a bug bear of mine because it leaves me vulnerable to hard pitches from those pesky guru life coaches. Gross. This list is far from exhaustive.


Found footage horror, comedy, drama, thriller, action, indie. A bit of everything.

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I listen to almost anything, except 90s pop. These days I tend to gravitate towards rock, metal, and their sub-genres as my daily listens.


I still love games even if I don’t have much time for them.

Alien eating pizza