You Are What You Imbibe

The word imbibe can be used in many ways.

Such as, to ‘absorb or assimilate (ideas or knowledge)’.

So when I say ‘you are what you imbibe’, or when others say ‘you are what you eat’… It’s really about the idea that we are in some way – the sum of our parts.

Analogously to nutrition, what we imbibe isn’t all equal. Some foods are better than others. The same can be said of what we read, watch, and listen to. With so much media that is readily available to consume online, we need to exercise our ability to choose.

Knowing that what you take in will affect the person you are becoming is key. Losing the stuff that doesn’t help you become a better or happier person is key. Understanding that some of what is out there will harm you in some way is key.

That’s why I’ve stopped using social media as much and tend to stay away from mainstream news. One of my friends stopped listening to certain genres of music because it messed with his mood.

Ultimately, what we imbibe is about cause and effect.